Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Credit Credit; It is automatic sending of likes to the account that is defined without the need for panel usage.
The same rules apply for both likes and views.
By placing a single order, the Automatic Transactions menu will be active in the menu above.
Sending according to the total mail you entered and optional date.

If you activate both likes and watching services. It sends only likes when you take a photo, and both likes and views when you post a video.
The advantage of automatic services is that there is no time limit.
To be able to define automatic likes; Select the category of Automatic Like or Watch UNLIMITED; KM-1
  • In the Username section, you will enter your account's username without @.

  • "How many posts to share?" In the box, write how many posts you will share in the future, if you want this action.

  • In the "Quantity" Boxes, type how many likes & views you want sent. For example: If you enter Min 1000 and maximum 2000, the system automatically determines a number between these numbers and sends accordingly and charges a fee on the randomly determined number. If you do not want to set random numbers, you should enter the same number in the minimum and maximum amount if you want the same number of likes to be sent continuously.

  • In the "Delay" Box, you must specify it if you want this system to be active within minutes of throwing the post. If you select the "No Delay" section, it starts the service as soon as you throw the post. (Except System Control Time)

  • "End Date" This is optional. If you write 50 in the number of posts to go and say 1 month later in the date, the service will stop automatically when 1 month expires and does not wait for the amount of sharing. The choice is optional.

  • There are certain reasons for your order to be canceled;

  • If your profile is confidential, your order will be canceled, please check privacy.
  • In some services, you are asked to enter only a user name instead of a link.
  • When you receive the maximum shipping amount of the services, if you place an order for the second time, your order will be canceled.
  • If your orders do not have these situations and 24 hours have passed, please contact us at the support section.

  • There is a single balance loading method on the system. With the PayTR infrastructure integrated into the system, you can automatically load the balance 24/7. You have two different options with PayTR . The first one is to automatically load by credit card, the second is to be loaded by wire transfer method. If you want to make a payment via PayTR via wire transfer method, you must send the money order notification after sending the money order transfer to PayTR accounts. This doesn't take too long. PayTR method is a much faster and easier method, your balance uploads are automatically approved and you can start shopping immediately. Parts are partsPayments you make with 3D Secure system are protected and encrypted. Your bank will send you an SMS and receive SMS confirmation for every transaction you make with a credit card. In our panel, 3D Secure System can never hold or keep any card information or personal information. You can pay securely.

    If you have any questions, do n't hesitate to ask us.

    It is an interface that provides communication between programs known as Application Programming Interface. With the help of our API document on our site, you can connect our API to your website and make sales. For this you need to have simple programming knowledge. If you are an SMM panel owner, you can contact our SMM provider and connect our API. We do not provide technical support on API connections.

    The followers we send to your accounts are entirely of personal accounts, and the sent accounts have the freedom to unsubscribe. If we give an example; How do you not want to follow people you do not know? In this case, the followers are withdrawing the follow-up because they do not know you. As for bot followers, the situation is completely different. Since they are in-active accounts, Instagram becomes aware of these accounts after a while and removes the accounts from the Instagram or approves them, which is reflected to you as a decrease. Our panel does not guarantee any of the bot followers received and stated this clearly in the contract.

    The unfinished part of your orders, some of which are completed, is returned automatically. In this case, we recommend that you order again. When there is spam filtering by the system or the providers, there may be missing submissions, you can try again the other day or you can choose different services. In general, the reason for the completion of the deficiency is due to the server's inability to send as much as the amount you have received at the moment, and some of our services are sending incompletely, this varies depending on the cost.